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You have reached the home page for Chef Brian's cooking tips and techniques. On the pages to follow I have listed articles and recipes from some of the top chefs in the country, as well as a few of my own! Here at Chef Brian's cooking tips you will be able to find, read, and print many cooking tips that really get down to business. I have hand selected these articles for your reading pleasure. Unlike many of the web sites out here, this one is maintained by an actual chef! I have a degree in commercial foods and have worked in a few of the top 100 restaurants in the country. I have a passion for foods and the many different varieties of preparation and presentation.

  Please have a look around and bookmark this Chef Brian's Cooking Tips for ongoing lessons and articles in the future. There will be new items added regularly as well as some free recipe e-books from time to time. 

  Enjoy and always remember to keep those fingers tucked!

Cooking Tips By  Chef Brian

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 The Fondue Pot Salmon Mousse Vichyssoise Mango Ketchup Kabobs
Grilled Red Snapper Burger Southern Fruit Cobbler Links Chef's School Sausage Rigatoni Tropical Salad Apple Pie Garlic And Shiitake Soup
Salmon On Lentils, Moroccan Style Maryland Style Crab Cakes
Bayou Gumbo


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Cooking Tips Chef Tips Cooking Tips Chef Tips Cooking Tips Chef Tips